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Coaching has been such a blessing in my life and I love that I have the opportunity to share this experience with others! The Fit Foundation community is more than just a network of coaches; we inspire, support and push each other on a daily basis and I can say they are the most motivating group of people I've ever met. Fit Foundation coaches are mothers, fathers, teachers, active duty military, college students, business professionals...the list goes on.

There is no cookie cutter coach and that's what's so great about our team - we come from ALL different backgrounds! Our unifying thread is we are all on a mission to end the trend of obesity, one person at a time. Becoming a Fit Foundation coach means you will be surrounded with leaders to help you get started, have access to our comprehensive trainings, resources & team events and will be part of what we consider one BIG, HAPPY FAMILY! This is an opportunity for individuals who want to not only positively change their own lives, but impact those around them - all while earning an additional part or full time income (although we all say we would do this for free!) 

Perks of being a Beachbody Coach:

  • Receive 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products
  • Receive 25% commission from your customers' orders
  • Get hands on training and coaching resources - no need to recreate anything
  • ANYONE can apply - you don't have to be a fitness expert!
  • Very cheap business overhead fees at only $15.95/month - initiation fee is waived with the purchase of a challenge pack
  • Earn monthly bonuses...which has the potential to equate over 5 FIGURES in ONE WEEK!
  • Get one on one support from me as well as our fabulous community of coaches! 

Did you miss our last LIVE video Sneak Peek into Coaching event? We got you covered! Feel free to catch the recording in the Facebook event page, linked here, to learn about what we do as coaches, how we turn our love for fitness & helping people into a business and how you can be a part of our awesome team of girl bosses!

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