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Fitness & nutrition Challenge Groups

I've found that accountability is a CRITICAL element to reaching your goals - especially when it comes to health and fitness! Even as a coach, I need these challenge groups to help keep me on track, inspire me on a daily basis and give me motivation to push myself further.

What is a challenge group you ask? A challenge group is a private accountability group through facebook that is set up as a platform for Global Fit Foundation team members to work towards their health and fitness goals in a supportive and interactive environment. There are fun, daily assignments posted to keep challengers engaged and motivated, like recipe swaps, wall sit challenges and more!

There is no reason you have to go on your health and fitness journey alone when you have the opportunity to be part of such a supportive group that will push and inspire you along the way! Interested in learning more about Challenge Groups or do you want to join the next one? Please submit the application form below and I will reach out to you ASAP!

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