Bikini Competition Prep: 2 Weeks Out

(L) December 2015 & (R) post Vegas/SoCal Vaca 3 weeks out!

Time is flying by and I can’t even believe that my show is two weeks away! I’ve been set on this since last November (well, I dabbled for the first couple of months…now wishing I had taken that time a bit more seriously) and it’s crazy to be so close to everything I’ve been working towards.

I was always told that the final month of prep, notably the last couple of weeks, you really to see some crazy changes in your physique and am happy to report that is also the case in my experience! I’ve been quite the busy body throughout prep; I survived an all you can eat and drink cruise AND just recently got back from a trip to Southern California for a wedding…but wait, there’s more….we went to Vegas right after the wedding. First of all who goes to Vegas after a wedding weekend? Second, who does that on PREP? Ya, I’m nuts.

While I did drink *some* alcohol (eeek that’s a no-no on prep) I ate really healthy and kept up with my workouts on the road. Soooo I guess it evens out, right? ;) I have to keep reminding myself that I made a promise I’d have FUN with this process and not let it get in the way of enjoying my life. I’m not trying to win first place, although as I’ve been getting closer my inner competitive demons really want me to win so it’s been hard to NOT take this super seriously.

Mentally, competing can be very draining. I keep wishing I would have done more or I should be doing this or that. It’s difficult to not play the comparison game, especially on Instagram, so I’m working on being very mindful about positive self-talk and focusing on what I need to be doing for ME!

I think all of these mental games I’m playing with myself have been causing the nightmares I’ve been getting SEVERAL times a week! But here’s the hilarious part, every one of them have been about my tan!! The other night I dreamt I showed up to the competition and forgot to get a tan! Haha I don’t even know…

I’ve been feeling pretty good energy wise up until last week where I had very low energy and was pretty drained. I felt like I couldn’t sleep enough! I carbed up a little extra and it seemed to help. Some of it comes from the extra HIIT training I’ve been doing to shed those last few pounds but I think most of it was my mind playing tricks on me because I KNOW that I have no room for error leading up to the show at this point. It just makes me crave that burger, fries and beer(s) all that much more! ß Yep, that’s my first meal. It better be a damn good burger too!

My workouts have been going really well, although I’m still a bit worried about the lack of muscle tone in the back of my legs because WOOHOO for cellulite! So dang stubborn! It’s definitely smoothing out and hear that peak week and a little water manipulation can help with that for show day. Fingers crossed that’s the case!

It’s so nuts to think that I’ve almost completed three rounds of Hammer & Chisel at this point because usually by day 60 of a program, I get a little border with it.  Not this time! Having two trainers on one program and a solid mix up of lifting techniques has kept my mind interested and muscles guessing. Not to mention, of all the programs I’ve gone through I’m loving the results I’m seeing with this one! Lean muscle is so sexy and I feel so incredibly strong!

I’m proud of myself for sticking with the program and doing all of this prep from my tiny little HOME gym! All I have is a resistance band, fitness ball (instead of a bench) and bowflex adjustable weights in my living room. That’s it. I was determined to prove you can do prep from home too and not just a gym!

Since I’m getting into crunch time I’m reviewing all of my check lists almost daily to make sure I don’t miss a step of the process! All my appointments are scheduled, peak week nutrition plan is figured out, day of schedule is good to go, fake boobies and top coat tan is purchased (hah!), make up trial run is complete and all I need to do is run to the store to grab a few more things for my day of emergency kit.

Posing, posing, posing is my main focus the next couple of weeks because it’s such an important piece of judging! Someone could come on stage with an amazing package and suck at posing and they wouldn’t place. It’s that important. So, even if my bikini bod is not at its FULL potential right now, I can control my stage presence!

I attended the Emerald Cup in Bellevue, Washington this last weekend, which is the biggest NPC show in the PNW. I’d never been to a show before and knew it was important to check one out before I stepped on stage. Man, I’m SO glad I did! It’s a very competitive show with 8 different classes of bikini competitors divided by height. The competition was fierce and everyone looked amazing! A bit intimidating but it was interesting to be able to compare physiques and see what the judges preferred.

Emerald Cup 2016 - Bikini Division

My biggest takeaway from Emerald Cup goes back to stage presence! The girls who had killer posing and were energetic on stage definitely caught the attention of the judges and mostly placed high. There were some girls up there who seemed to not even know what they were doing and we’re super awkward on stage. I have to say though, I hear often times competitors will practice a ton, yet, completely black out and forget everything they learned once up on stage. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe that’s what happened with them too. ;)

I’m looking forward to seeing what changes happen in the next two weeks and looking forward to that big juicy burger + bun + fries + beer EVEN MORE! As always, thanks again to everyone who has been a big supporter and cheerleader! It’s always scary to put yourself out there but you all are making it that much easier for me.


To check out the show I’m competing in follow the link here!


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