Bikini Competition Prep: 10 Weeks Out

Well, am I overdue for this update or what?! I’m sad to say my blog posts have become few and far between with the way my schedule has been panning out recently…but only because I have some exciting things coming in the next few months!


I have been asked a lot about the status of my competition, when it is, how it’s going and I’m happy to say YES, I’m still competing! It was up in the air for a while as to which competition I would be competing in because I’ll be traveling lots in the next few months and, well, I don’t really want to have to get up on stage after a week of vacation… ;)


I’m about 10 ½ weeks out right now and have landed on a competition in “Ohhhhh Canadaaaa!” Yep, I’m going out of the country to compete! Unfortunately all of the local shows are scheduled on weekend where I’ll be out of town so the next best thing is Vancouver, B.C. on May 14th.


The thing is, this is probably an awesome choice anyway because I’m sure once the competition is over I’m going to wanna grub hard on some amazing food with a tasty microbrew…two things the Vancouver scene is known for! It’ll turn into a little weekend getaway but I think it will all be worth it!


The one thing I knew I wanted to seek out was a show that’s all natural. This basically means that they drug test you AND give you a polygraph test to ensure you aren’t using performance enhancing drugs to get swole. WOAH…Ya you read that right, I have to take a polygraph test! How intense is that?!


The show I landed on is the INBF West Coast Naturals and so far love everything I’ve learned about the organization and show! I really have no expectations going into this, I’m not even trying to win it, I just want to be able to stand up on stage and be proud of my work!


>> How’s the process been so far? <<

Because I originally thought I would be competing on April 2nd, I started pretty early with bulking where I worked on building up muscle and keeping my weight up.  Come 12 weeks out, I started the cutting process…which, is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but it’s still tough! #ilovebeer #ilovecarbs #ilovepizza


I’ve been following the Hammer & Chisel at home workout and nutrition program, which has made this a very simple process for me. My biggest downfall has been trying to cut out alcohol, because lets be real…I love me some wine and fine beers!


I do stand by the fact that everything is good in moderation and haven’t cut it out completely until just now-ish…because I think that complete deprivation can almost do more hurt than good, but I have had to say no to drinks at social functions. Guess what? I survived!! Yep, you CAN go to a social gathering and NOT drink alcohol! From this point on in the cutting process, I will only be drinking at a wedding in April (it’s in wine country, duhhhh!) and a bit on my cruise next week.


When I decided to do a competition I knew that if I were going to put myself through this, I wanted to enjoy the process. There’s no point on putting yourself through hell and being a cranky bitch for 3 months for a FEW minutes on stage. #aintgottimeforthat Eating the right portions of a well balanced diet is a HUGE part of this and there’s no way I’m going to starve myself to look good. Eating right consistently and busting your workouts can get you there!


Lifting weights is by far my favorite form of exercise – maybe it’s because I’ve been trained to lift since I was 14 with my volleyball background or I just like being able to actively measure my growth with weight progression. Either way, it relieves my stress and I love how it molds my figure! I think muscles are sexy, who cares if my thighs no longer fit into my jeans! {not me!}


Now getting into the cutting season, I’ve been incorporating some HIIT training into my lifting schedule to try and burn that fat off a bit faster. At the end of the day, if you’re weight training WELL you should be getting a cardio hit from your lifting rotations alone. This week I started incorporating T25, 22 Minutes Hard Corps and Insanity Max 30 into my weekly schedule to kick it up a notch. Usually my body responds pretty well to HIIT training so I’m hoping that abs I build will start coming out to play! I could NOT do this without the help of all the amazing ladies in my health & fitness accountability groups! They seriously hold me to it!! 


Some additional cardio paired with carb cycling (2 low carb days per every regular carb day) will hopefully get my to where I’d like to be in just over 10 weeks. What’s tough about competing is results do not happen QUICK! It’s definitely a process and you have to not only trust the process, but be patient with it. You need to be consistent, strong willed and have a lot of self control when others are telling you, “Go on, just have ONE glass of wine…it won’t kill you!”


I have yet to get into posing practice (eeek, better get that started!) or shop for my neon sparkly itty bitty bikini but those will come in the following weeks. I can’t believe how strong I feel after going through a round and a half of Hammer & Chisel and am so excited to only be building on that from here on out!


Thank you to all who have been an awesome support system in this and have given me words of encouragement along the way! It’s a tough process but you are all making it that much easier!

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