The Ultimate Travel Survival Kit

It’s no secret that preparing for a long trip can be a stressful thing to plan for, especially when it’s a new place, a new culture and you’re unsure what to expect. I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to packing and unfortunately, many times I’ve had to learn the hard way! Here’s my tip… pack for the unexpected!

My dad has always been the master of packing. He’s quite the traveler and picked up the travel bug from him. Thanks, Dad! ;) What’s funny is when it comes to packing he and my mom are total opposites. He’s a minimalist, while my mom…well, she likes to be prepared with THE perfect outfit for each occasion ;) Having observed both travel styles over the years I’ve basically learned that if you can pack lightly while looking stylish, you’ve hit the jackpot!

If you’d like to take a look at how I efficiently pack all of my cute, yet functional, travel outfits take a peek at this vlog my husband put together and it’ll give you an inside scoop on the process! Follow his YouTube channel, The Backpackers Budget, to get valuable tips on how to travel the world on a dime.

-The Backpackers Budget-

OK now that we got our travel wardrobe out of the way, lets talk about the Survival Kit! This list of goods has {almost} literally been a lifesaver for me. This kit is made up of things that will definitely come in handy when the unexpected happens. While the list may look extensive, there have been so many occasions where I’ve been in a remote place internationally, desperately needing something and can’t get my hands on it!

Here’s a look at what my pre-travel Target trip looked like. There are essentially 3 different categories that I focus on: 1. Snacks 2. Meds 3. Personal Care



I’m someone that is constantly eating and coincidentally the LAST person you want to see get hangry, ‘cause lemme tell ya…it ‘aint pretty! When I’m packing for snacks I just have flashbacks of the time we were spending the day wandering around Versailles, France. For us, it was dinner time…about 5PM. For the French? Not even close. They eat very late and many of the cafes weren’t even open. The no snack situation escalated very quickly and went from bad to worse. In the end I’m pretty sure I inhaled an entire baguette, but I had to beg the server for it in my broken French. From that moment on I said NEVER AGAIN!

Now, I always pack Lara bars with me because they’re so easy to throw in my purse. Nuts and dried fruit are always great, as well as prunes… don’t even try to pretend you don’t also get backed up when you travel… ;) Last summer in South America, we brought Shakeology with us and it was a LIFE saver to have on hand! What was great is there was so much fresh fruit and juices there so we were able to take it to smoothie shops and have them blend it up for us for a quick and healthy meal on the go. My typically sensitive tummy had never been happier! We don’t leave home without it.

Lara Bars for the WIN!



Medications and first aid items are so important to bring, especially when travelling internationally. You just don’t know what other countries will have available and certainly don’t want to get stuck without what you need…trust me on that one!

The hard lesson learned for me on this one was on our honeymoon of all places. We had gone to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and I somehow managed to pick up Montezuma’s Revenge, as they call it, on the very first day. For a lack of better words, everything when right through me!! It was awful and had ZERO stomach meds on hand. Finally, about a week in it was so bad we had to call the resort doctor. Antibiotics, Tylenol and some Gatorade cost me over $200. Never again.

ALL HAIL PINTEREST for this AMAZING idea to organize your pills! Not only did this save me so much space, but it make it so easy to carry around multiple meds while you’re travelling. I always include a pain reliever, cold medicine, allergy pills, melatonin (natural sleep aid) and some tummy meds just in case. In another baggy I have some Gas-x, tums, probiotics and lactade pills to throw in my purse if need be. We do a ton of walking so I also include a stick of Icy Hot for my knees or other sore areas if they get bad.



The name of the game with traveling is low maintenance, on the go and sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of a daily shower. Smelly people are no fun to be around so here are a few things to make sure you’re making new friends and not driving them away!! Baby wipes are AWESOME for a quick “shower” and will help keep you fresh. Baby power, a can of dry shampoo, translucent face powder will allow for a quick little bathroom makeover when you’re in a pinch. Don’t leave without some sunscreen and bug spray because there is nothing worse than being itchy or God forbid you get a horrible burn at the start of your trip!

Essential oils are so versatile and you can use them for just about anything – I bring a couple of little roller bottles with me to help me stay relaxed, combat sickness, prevent inflammation and the list goes on. I started packing some beachy hair spray as well for those days where I cant blow dry my hair (which usually happens when I fry my blow drying because I plug in the wrong converter!! **guilty**)

Keeping all these items on hand will be such a relief when you need them most! Don’t be caught without them. Traveling can be stressful enough as it is and being prepared will be the best way to ensure things run smoothly and go according to plan!


Bon Voyage!