21 Day Fix Sangria

You might need to sit down for this one... Yes, oh yes, 21 Day Fix APPROVED Sangria wandered into my life this last weekend and I hope it never leaves {says the wino in me}. 

It was pushing 90 degrees in Seattle over the weekend and for us, that is over the top heat and we basically melt in front of your eyes! I needed a preventative measure to make sure that didn't happen and what better way to cool off than a nice tall glass of fruity, zingy & refreshing sangria? There's no better way. I'm convinced.

Here's what's great about this (as is the case with many of my recipes because I tend to be a "free form" cooker)... you can totally tweak this to make it suited for your taste. Feel free to throw in some different fruits - oranges or watermelon are a great option - and create a masterpiece of your own. You can't really mess up wine, right?


  • 1 bottle of red wine (try and shoot for something with fruity and citrus notes, Spanish table wine is traditional)
  • 1 lime
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 peach
  • 5 large strawberries
  • Large bottle of soda water (each serving will be 50% bubbles, 50% wine) Flavored is OK as long as it's zero calories. La Croix is a great option!
  • 7 mint leaves (optional) 
  • 1 teaspoon cloves

-Sorry, no brandy in this recipe because it's 21 day fix approved ;) BUT if you'd like to add a splash, technically that's included in a sangria, as well as lemon lime soda instead of soda water. Other ideas - add a splash of orange juice or pomegranate juice! 


Dump the bottle of wine into a large pitcher. Cut up the fruit in small wedges and add to the pitcher, along with the cloves & mint leaves (if you'd like).

Cover and pop in the fridge to sit overnight. SORRY but be patient and let it sit! I did have a glass after letting it sit for an hour and a glass the next day and it's way better after letting it sit overnight. Trust me. Patience IS indeed a virtue [of delicious wine].

>>21 Day Fix allows 4 ounces of red wine in place of a yellow container ONCE A WEEK. I will preface this by saying if you are following the plan right now, don't ruin it with a pitcher of sangria ;) Have some portion control worries? You can buy those cute little single serving bottles at the store as well and make ONE serving of sangria. BOOM. Problem solved.

To Serve: Pour 4 ounces of the chilled sangria into a glass (feel free to add an ice cube or two if needed.) Pull out a few pieces of fruit (counts as a purple container!) and drop into the glass - top off with about 4 ounces of soda water and enjoy! 

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