3 Day Refresh Results

I know what you're thinking..."OMG I could NEVER do a cleanse. I love to eat WAY too much!" My thoughts exactly :) The truth is I used to be really into quick fixes and realized that they don't work. Ironic? Yes. Don't worry, I'll explain myself. I remember trying green tea pills to boost my metabolism, the Isogenix cleanse (which was a liquid diet and the only thing I had to look forward to were these chalky little tablets), you name it - i've probably tried it. 

Those options were FAILURES for me because to be real with you, I would be SO starving that by the end of it all I would just stuff my face. Whoopsies, there goes several days of work down the drain. Plus, I was hangry to the MILLIONTH degree!! I could have been a character straight out of Dexter because I was always so hangry, I was about to kill anything that touched me. 

3 Day Refreshed was launched while I was at the annual Beachbody Coach Summit last June and was very intrigued because it was so different than anything I had tried. The idea behind it was to rid your body of all toxins by nourishing yourself with ONLY good, wholesome nutrients and REAL food! 

Skeptical? Oh yes. Curious enough to try it? You betcha. 

I've now completed the 3 Day Refresh two times and both have given me incredible results! Typically, I am very regimented with my eating schedule and eat 4-5 times a day. What was great about the 3 day refresh is it not only gives you an easy to follow meal plan for your lunch, snacks and dinner items but it breaks everything down in a precise schedule. 

I'm a busy lady and this was actually really easy to do while I was on the go! I had meal prepped everything ahead of time and packed my food for the day in a bag so I was ready to rock and roll. The Vanilla fresh shake was super easy to just shake up with a bottle of water and drink while I was headed from A-B.

Here's the big question...."Weren't you starving??" 

Nope. Literally not at all. 

Now, I can only speak for myself and I personally know a couple of people who struggled with it but honestly, both times I've done the 3 Day Refresh I accidentally skipped one of the vanilla fresh shakes on Day 3 because I just wasn't hungry AT ALL. I think for me it's because you're eating so frequently and I wasn't used to that, so I was naturally satisfied.

I couldn't believe my results with this round! The Super Bowl had just happened and I indulged in way too much beer and cheese and having intolerances to gluten and dairy, my body was full of alllllll kinds of ISH up in there! Ick ick ick. 

I was ready to clean out my system and it worked perfectly! Afterwards, I felt so...well, refreshed! Really that's the best way to describe it! My body felt light, I wasn't bloated one bit and my head was so clear.

>>RESULTS: I dropped 5 POUNDS total and many inches in 3 DAYS!

IMHO...3 Day Refresh is something that is WORTH it and it's so nice to be able to start over and nip any bad habits in the butt before it becomes a problem. Now, I'm ready to take on the new 21 Day Fix Extreme!

Questions about the Refresh or do you want to know how to get your hands on one?  Shoot me and email - I'd love to hear from you!

BONUS: The 3 Day Refresh is only $10 in the month of February with the purchase of Shakeology!!! <<STEAL!!!! 

Email me at VanessaLChristopher@gmail.com for more information!


Want to see a bit about how it works and what the set-up entails? Check out this video I shot while I was prepping for the refresh!

Here's an insider look into the 3 Day Refresh, how to set it up and a look at my personal results!