Top 5 Tips to Survive Airport Travel

Traveling can be a hectic and stressful thing, especially if you show up unprepared! I grew up with the travel bug and have learned a thing or two over the years when it comes to prepping your mind and body for a big trip. I got my itch from my Dad, who is a transplant from England, and he’s spent most of his life traveling all over the world.

Got our passports and Shakeology...we're ready to go!!

Once I experienced it for myself and had the opportunity to see and live among another culture, I was HOOKED for LIFE! Traveling is my jam, for sure. One thing that has always gotten in my way is my health and struggled with digestive issues throughout my travel adventures. It wasn’t until recently that I finally got it down to a science and unlocked a few personal secrets to healthy traveling that always seem to do the trick.

Tip #1 : Workout the morning of your flight

While it might not always be feasible to fit one in for a 6am flight (been there, done that) you will feel so much better and think so much clearer when you get your bod UP and moovin and groovin! If you’re going to be sitting on a plane for several hours or all day, it’s the least to can do so you don’t feel so restless. When you’re not restless, the flight will go by faster!

Tip #2: Pre-pack those snacks!

Thank you Lululemon for giving me super cute airport approved clothes to wear :D 

HANGRY is my middle name when I get caught off guard and have nothing to eat on hand! Throw in a foreign place where you’re trying to find your way and you have a recipe for disaster. I always pack mini lara bars in my suite case and I swear to you, these things have SAVED my LIFE! They’re super convenient, have natural ingredients  and I can throw them in my day bag for easy access. I always bring packets of shakeology with me too because I can have them blended into coffee drinks and smoothies, or just shake it up with water in a pinch. BONUS: it totally keeps me regular. YEP. I said it, but it’s true!

Tip #3 : Eat Clean & Digestible Foods

Step AWAY from the salted peanuts! You know what’s ironic? One of the worst things you can probably eat when you’re flying are those little devilish packets of peanuts and assorted snacks they hand out to you for free on flights. Those are packed with sodium (which will make you bloat) and have a hard time getting digested. Eat as clean as possible and if you failed at the previous step for whatever reason…you CAN find healthy alternatives at some popular food chains! Starbucks has a few healthy options; for breakfast I go for their oatmeal (sans brown sugar…ya I know, I’m no fun.) but they also have some great fruit and veggie trays that although are overpriced, they are much healthier alternatives than their apple muffin/pumpkin loaf/frosted donut counterparts. Your body will thank you for that!

Tip #4 : Drink a TON of water

Here’s the catch with this. Travelling can make for some really long and hectic days where you are bouncing from planes trains and automobiles for HOURS on end. You MUST drink water to stay hydrated (duh) but it keeps your body balanced, clear and flushes out all of those icky toxins.

The issue comes when you drink a lot of water you have to pee, and lets be real… it’s the WORST when you are sitting in the window seat and you have to wake up the person next to you so you can get out. Am I right?? American’s are also pretty spoiled with the large number of public restrooms around which is not the case in many other countries!

Hunger can also be mistaken for THIRST so if you aren’t drinking enough water every day, not only are you going to be dehydrated but you’ll probably be stuffing your face at every one of those junk food kiosks in the airport. 

Tip #5 : Oil ‘er up!

Roll on essential oils are really handy! Just throw them in your purse.

Essential oils are an amazing way to not only fight off sicknesses but they can be calming and a great disinfectant! If you REALLY think about public transportation and flying on planes notably, they are so disgustingly dirty! I’ve seen some pretty nasty things in my time and it really reminds me that all I can do is take precautions to ward off the icky yuckiness that is lurking behind every seatbelt buckle and tray table. Prior to the flight you can take oregano oil (a couple of drops under your tongue) and it will ward off a cold after that guy behind you just sneezed and you felt his spray all over your face. During the flight I like to dab some lavender oil on my temples and on my upper lip to relax my mind and body.

And just like that, follow these 5 tips and you’ll be rearing to go when that plane touches down! Bon voyage!!