Top Reasons to Drink Water!

It is NO secret that water is really good for news there. But I've been making a conscious effort in my challenge groups to drink water ALL DAY and notice a HUGE difference when I don't! 

Top reasons to drink your wawa!
1. Helps balance bodily fluids and transports nutrients. 
2. Controls calories...sometimes you think you're hungry but you're actually just thirsty!
3. Energizes muscles for optimal performance. 
4. Keeps your face looking FRESH and gives you glowing skin!
5. Keeps your kidneys functioning. 
6. It gives you nice poops- I don't need to explain that one 

Most importantly, drinking lots of H2O the day before thanksgiving really preps your body for copious amounts of wine and food!! Ohhhh yaaa! 

So grab a bottle and drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces!