The Power of Mint

Mint is one of my favorite things to have on hand in the kitchen! Months ago we bought a mint plant from the grocery store to make Mint Juleps for the Kentucky Derby and thought we’d plant it in our yard. That tiny thing has grown into a BUSH and we have more mint then we know what to do with it!

We make fresh mint tea, we’ve recently been brewing it with our morning coffee, we blend it in our shakeologies…and the list goes on. Andrew picked some to have in the kitchen - it looks pretty too! Even better, there are some crazy amazing health benefits!

Mint is BOMB because:
It aids digestion
Battles cancer
Fights headaches
Helps asthma 
It’s an antioxidant 
Gives you glowing, acne free skin
Boost Immunity
Helps pain and cramps 
Soothes morning sickness
Fights stress and depression

So BASICALLY, get your MINT on!! #foodiefriday